5 year anniversary lifestyle video! Part 1

5 year anniversary lifestyle video! Part 1

Happy French Gang is excited to bring you our first 5-year anniversary video, with stunning visuals from the mind of art director Pascaline Blanchecotte and beautiful music courtesy of Jaws of love composer Kelcey Ayer.

As a kid, I remember spending long summer days at the beach in Brittany. I love everything about the beach—the textures, the colors, the sounds. In the Cloudy Collection, I wanted to bring those elements to life. Using the right colors and textures, my goal was to create something evocative of that wonderful feeling of walking where the land meets the sea.

To further bring this atmosphere to life, we teamed up with art director Pascaline Blanchecotte and Jaw of Love and Local natives musician and composer Kelcey Ayer to create a combination of sights and sounds that reflect the artistic quality of this collection.

We’re thrilled with the video that resulted and hope that it brings you where it brings us—right back to the beach!

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