We at Happy French Gang believe in using materials that are comfortable, beautiful and friendly to the environment. Beginning with traditional textiles techniques, we pride ourselves in delivering hand-dyed, hand-stitched products that add sunshine into your room, wardrobe and life. 

Because our products are handmade, each contain a uniqueness and subtlety that will never be duplicated. It is the artistry and passion that drives us to continue to create- something that we hope will continue to inspire you and give life to your world. 


San Francisco: This is where Sandra designs everything. The cloudy collection (pastel tie-dyes) and hand-painted collection are both made onsite by Sandra in San Francisco. 

India: We have been working with artisans in India for over five years to weave our elegant cotton blankets. We continue to work with more people from India each year and are further developing our relationships with cooperatives in Rajasthan to help us produce high-quality products.



At Happy French Gang, we believe in keeping the planet as happy as we are.

That’s why we reuse fabric for our lavender bags, jewelry, garlands and other accessories. It’s why we are always looking for sustainable alternatives in our production process, why we use only natural fibers, and why we avoid using plastic in our packaging as much as possible. We even reuse the cardboard boxes we receive by manufacturers to ship out our products—so don’t be surprised if the packaging for your order seems a little vintage—we’re just doing our part to be kind to the planet!

Also all of our apparel and home decor items are compostable (except for the buttons and zippers). 



Happy French Gang is known for our pastel tie dyes and premium quality materials. We continue to develop new products and experiment with other techniques to broaden our horizons and bring you inspired works.

Everything we produce is small batch, and is distributed on a first-come first-served basis. We pay great attention to the details in our work, and are dedicated to producing only the highest-quality products.

Some of our product-specific techniques include:

Tie-Dye: Fabric is twisted and dyes are applied. We have elaborated upon traditional tie-dye techniques in the studio to give our textiles a unique touch and one-color pastel tone. The result is a fresh, modern take on a technique that is rarely used in this way.

Embroidery/Stitching: We recently expanded our horizons by launching a small collection of embroidered cushions, hand crafted in India. Our plan is to continue to expand this set to a full collection of blankets, pillows and throws stitched by this cooperative in India.

Hand-Painted: In 2017, we launched our first collection of hand-painted pillows, tablecloths and napkins. We hope to bring a new collection to life in the near future.

Digital: Our digital collection currently consists of a collection of tea towels, and will be expanded this year as well. We are currently working with a group in Rajasthan, India to bring new digitally-printed fabrics to life.



Sandra Dejanovic launched Happy French Gang in June 2013: " Combining French vision with California creation, these textiles have the easy chic style you crave, no matter where you live. " Her motto in terms of creating a new product: focus on texture and color. 

Sandra finds inspiration in her travels and the sights and scenes around her. Her eyes are always alert for colors, patterns, textures—any exceptional design that fits her aesthetic. Sandra will often carry her camera with her, snapping a quick pic of something that could become future inspiration. She feels that what we keep in our home should be reminiscent of how we feel when we are on vacation: at ease, surrounded by ocean, sun, family and friends.

Sandra’s approach to her work is similar to that of an artist. She is always experimenting with new ideas, new techniques and new styles, and is never afraid to explore new frontiers. The combination of colors, textures and patterns she uses on one piece will never be replicated, and each product is its own work of art.