It was such an honor getting to chat with Colorado based artist, McKenzie Parrot this past week. While painting on clothing is her main medium, McKenzie also loves to work on canvas and creates beautiful digital work.


Can you start by telling us about yourself, where do you come from, where you live and what's your work? 

I'm McKenzie Parrott, I'm the artist & owner of Parrott Paints. I’m proud to call Colorado my home. Growing up and still residing here has given me a profound connection to the natural beauty of this state. Parrott Paints is a collection of my work consisting of digital illustrations and custom clothing. 




How did you develop a passion for painting and textiles?

I've always been drawn to the creative process, and my fascination with colors and patterns led me to explore different artistic mediums. Textiles, in particular, appealed to me due to the unique way of blending art and fashion, allowing me to create one-of-a-kind, wearable pieces. 



How does living near the mountains in Colorado influence your work? 

Living near the mountains in Colorado has a profound influence on my work. The natural beauty and tranquility of the environment inspire me daily. It's more than just a backdrop; it's an integral part of my hobbies, relationships & life. Beyond the visual beauty, at the core of my artistic mission is to foster a profound connection between individuals and nature, encouraging a greater appreciation for the world around us.



What keeps you inspired as an artist? 

As an artist, I find my greatest inspiration in the belief that art has the power to promote self-love, community, and an enduring appreciation for the world. It doesn't have to be perfect or profound; it just needs to be shared.



How sustainability plays an important role in your work? And is it part of your everyday life as well?

Sustainability is not just a concept but a fundamental principle in both my work and my everyday life. In my art, I am committed to using sustainable materials and working with responsible brands like Happy French Gang. 


What are you most excited for in the coming months?

I’m incredibly excited to continue my journey as a full-time artist. I'm also eager to share and embark on projects that align with my values, merging my passion for art, community, and sustainability. 



Thank you so much McKenzie for your time! 

Please take a look to McKenzie Instagram right here at: @parrottpaints and her website parrottpaints.com

Mc Kenzie is wearing on these pictures the following items: Zelia top Black Grid, Marius Camel Pants, Omar Yellow Pants, Zelia top Lavender, Madder Jumpsuit, Zelia top Bi-Color Brown



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