Our eco-friendly jewelry line.

Our eco-friendly jewelry line.

Eco friendly bracelet beige

At Happy French Gang, we believe in keeping the planet as happy as we are.

That’s why we reuse fabric for our lavender bags, jewelry, garlands and other accessories. It’s why we are always looking for sustainable alternatives in our production process, why we use only natural fibers, and why we avoid using plastic in our packaging as much as possible. We even reuse the cardboard boxes we receive by manufacturers to ship out our products—so don’t be surprised if the packaging for your order seems a little vintage—we’re just doing our part to be kind to the planet!

Eco friendly bracelet made with our fabric in San Francisco.

That said we started a jewelry collection last November, with one of our best customer Kat McEachern, we asked her to design it and she said yes! 

For the story, one day she came at the studio to pick up some cushions and I offered her to pick up some fabric that I don't use anymore. Few months later she showed up at an event with a necklace made out of my fabric!!! One of the best surprise! 

Kat is a magazine editor and design researcher, you can find a full interview of Kat right here.


Eco friendly necklace blue brass made in California

She designed a collection of 6 different products declined in 4 colors: pink, blue, grey and beige. And this is how we got necklaces, bracelets and earrings all made from our fabric! 

This collection of jewelry match perfectly Happy French Gang's vibe! They look so relax, easy to wear every day and they are sustainable!!! 

Eco friendly earrings - beige

We started to sell them already at a show here in San Francisco but added them online recently. So you can finally grab some here if you live outside of the city! 

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