Happy Girl Interview Series: Marion Guillaumin

Happy Girl Interview Series: Marion Guillaumin

Private chef at TADAM SF,  San Francisco,  California

I am really excited to feature Marion, a friend and creative cook here in San Francisco. Our kids are at the same school and we are both French so the contact was easy and she accepted to be one of my models for the Indigo Jumpsuit! She is wearing it wonderfully.

I started to go to her food events that she organized. These pop up diners happen regularly and she has the skill to bring with her talented people (to introduce a new wine, or belly dancers to match the theme of the evening,...). So at the end we eat delicious food and always learn, discover new things and meet nice people! She also do a lot of private events and you can learn more here and read her interview below.

So what we did together is a little photo session in the streets and at her work space. We also did a small video that I will share later! Below is a mix of the pictures!

Marion in her indigo jumpsuit
Marion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indio jumpsuit
Marion in her indio jumpsuitMarion in her indio jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuitMarion in her indigo jumpsuit

Tell us more about who you are, where you come from and what you do?
Marion Guillaumin, chef and founder of Tadam! Fine catering and private chef company, providing to you the food I’d like to serve to my friends and family : organic, local and delicious.
I used to work in the luxury industry in the cosmetics as the Sales and Marketing Manager of the Uber luxurious brand Tom Ford Beauty. I can now apply the luxurious concept to my own company, have this sense of detail and elegance, that French touch as some would say.

You did a big shift in your career after moving to the us, why the food industry?
Because I always loved eating and discovering new restaurants in Paris. Cooking in SF brings me back in my childhood and Parisian life in a second. It is also so nice to meet so many great people who enjoy life and share a good meal.

Define San Francisco in 3 words. 
Nature ••• eclectic ••• open-minded/progressive

What are you favorite restaurants in SF and where can we find the best pastries? 
Restaurants: Nomica / True Laurel / the progress 
Pastries: Mademoiselle colette in Palo Alto & Menlo Park / Neighbor Bakehouse / Hearth 
Bread: Tartine 

Secret spots/things to do in SF you could share?
I definitely recommend to go on top of Bernal hill for a little swing above the city and if you are with kids, find the cement slides hidden in the Castro. Bring your cardboard!
Now that we have Proper rooftop bar, run there! Great cocktails, f.... view with firepits and cashmere blankets...


Merci Marion! For your time and showing me your kitchen space! More info about Marion and her contact at www.tadamsf.com

Marion is wearing our Indigo jumpsuit that you can find directly here and the striped jumper that will be restocked in few months right here

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