Happy Girl Interview Series: Jennie Lennick

Happy Girl Interview Series: Jennie Lennick

Owner of Jenny Lemons, San Francisco, California


Do you know Jennie? If yes, it's not surprising if not, then you should! She is one of a kind! She designs and have a line of hand-printed textiles and is also the owner of Jenny Lemons brick and motar shop in the vibrant Mission District of San Francisco. For this January she asked us to have a pop-up shop with our line of Jumpsuits. I couldn't refuse and I asked her to give us a little more info about herself. We also did a trade and had some fun trying to get the perfect picture of us two wearing each other clothes by my 7 yo kiddo! I let you enjoy here the pictures and interview!

Can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to open your own shop?

Hi! I’m Jennie Lennick and I am a textile designer, artist, and art educator. I also own Jenny Lemons, a collection of hand printed clothing and textiles. I’ve been running Jenny Lemons full time for the last three years, and about a year ago I greatly needed to expand my retail space. I was working out of a 250 square foot studio in SF. In that little room, I made all my products by hand and hosted small group workshops. I was bursting at the seams!

I was going for a walk in the Mission and I came across an empty storefront with a for rent sign. I called the number and found out the space was within my budget! I secured a loan from the city of SF to improve the space, signed the lease, and opened my doors a year ago this month!

My storefront serves and my design headquarters for my clothing and textile line as well as a place where I sell the work of other local artists. In our back room, we host creative workshops and team building events led by the artists who sell in the shop.

How do you choose the product in your shop? (other than the one you make yourself!) And how you do you describe the vibe of your shop.

I have been hustling the craft fair scene on the West Coast for many years. In that time I got to know all the other makers in the Bay Area!

With rising costs in the Bay Area, it is becoming consistently harder for artists to be able to afford living here. I only carry work by local makers. It’s my way of supporting the arts in my city.

That being said, our shop is highly curated! Everything is bright, fun, and very unique. We have a laidback, friendly, and approachable vibe. We work really hard to carry products that not only reflect the SF maker scene but also the neighborhood we’re lucky to be a part of.

What defines a good design for you?

I love work that is playful, minimal, and functional. Design that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

What is inspiring you right now?

I’m constantly inspired by my community! I am lucky to be surrounded by creative women who are brilliant and generous. My customers inspire me quite a lot as well, be it in one of our workshops or just chatting in the shop.

You live in San Francisco, California, please describe the city in 3 words. and tell us what are your favorite things to do in this city!

San Francisco is Colorful, Eclectic, and Creative!

There are so many things I love to do in the city! Lately, my favorites are taking my dog to Fort Funston, going out for a tiki drink at the Tonga Room, exploring the Mission, and catching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.


Thank you so much Jennie for your time! Here you can find her online shop at www.jennylemons.com .

Jennie is wearing our Gabin brown jumpsuit

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