Happy Reading 10.5.18

Happy Reading 10.5.18

Here is Fall already! In San Francisco it should be summer until end of October but it's not really the case. So this days after I pick up my son at school and and that we have no activities planed, we love to curl up in the couch, with a nice cup of hot chocolate. And one of my son's favorite things to do is to take a look at our photo albums!! Well I guess I should make more!
Also here are some posts that I and Andrew who is working with me are reading this week!

Wondering what to do with your garden as we ease into October? It can be a tricky time of year if you’re a grower, especially in colder regions. These suggestions from House and Garden are a great place to start!

Screens seem to be a pervasive part of our everyday lives, but getting away from the mindless scrolling is more important now that ever—as this The Everygirl author learns here.

Speaking of kitchens, if you’re looking for ways to reduce or even eliminate the waste in the kitchen, check out some of these ideas from Pure Green Mag. Small steps like these toward sustainability today make for a brighter—and greener—future tomorrow.

Of course if you’re very ambitious, you can strive for Zero Waste, as Bea Johnson—also a French woman who made her way to California—did. Bea and her family are a great example of how adopting a more minimalist mentality can help push us closer to sustainability.

Sara Holley’s motto of “ship, shipmate, self” isn’t about the ocean—it’s about what happens when we disconnect and go within for direction. Her simple experience here touches on a message that we can never hear too much.

It’s one thing to see a space in your mind—it’s another thing to create that space in reality. Architects are trying to bridge that gap with a new virtual reality simulation that will allow architects to step into the worlds they build before laying even a single brick.

Minimalism in small spaces can make small rooms seem spacious and free—here are some useful tips for maximizing the space in a smaller living area.

Need more indoor inspiration for the start of the October season? This color pallatte gallery from House & Home is sure to provide some inspiration!

We live in an increasingly busy world. Sometimes the chaos in life seems to fill our brains to the point where we can’t think straight anymore. These three tips for creating more mental space are a great step to counter that!
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