Happy Reading 18.11.23

Happy Reading 18.11.23

Well that was fast! The blink of an eye and it’s already nearly Thanksgiving. Check out this handful of tips if you’re doing any hosting this season!

Speaking of the Holidays, anyone who has ever had a pet knows how difficult it can be to safely decorate this time of year. Find some tips for keeping your Holiday decorations and your pets safe this year in this article from Fresh Home.

Painting or repainting a room with the same colors can be mundane. Consider trying some of these muted tones discussed in this Houzz article in your next project. 

Need some inspiration today? Check out what these six “Women of Water” are doing to bring clean water to the world. Their effort and stories can inspire us all to use our talents to make the world a little better.

Creating a more sustainable lifestyle can be a daunting task, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Take a look at these six steps towards sustainable living from Earth Easy for a good place to begin.

Redecorating a room? These helpful design tips can help frame your space in aesthetically captivating ways—especially if you like things that come in threes!

At times life gets hectic and it’s sometimes difficult to stay positive with everything going on in the world. In those moments it’s important to focus on the simple things to create a more positive atmosphere for yourself, as outlined here in The Daily Positive.

Most of us have a couple of houseplants to give our homes a bit of a natural touch, but have you ever thought of putting an actual tree inside your house? Neither had I, until I read this article from Yellowtrace. 

In light of the colder months we’re headed into, why not make home a bit cozier? Amara has some great advice for adding cosiness to your indoor spaces.

It’s that time of season—I’m not talking about the Holiday season this time, I’m talking about flu season. None of us want to think about taking extra care to keep ourselves symptom-free until we get sick. Do yourself a favor and make a preemptive effort to stave off sickness this season with some helpful tips from Healthy Women.
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