Happy Reading 19.11.05

Happy Reading 19.11.05

I’m always trying to be more conscientious about how I’m impacting the environment in both business and my personal life. I saw this quiz about effective ways to combat climate change and thought I’d take the opportunity to test my knowledge—turns out I scored a whopping 25%. I guess the takeaway here is that there’s always room to grow and expand our knowledge!

Ron Gorchov has always done things his own way—and he’s certainly an inspiration to artists everywhere. A new volume on the New Yorker artist’s work gives insight into his method and ideas. Love his approach and use of color!

Looking for something tasty to try this fall? Give this creamy pasta recipe a try! The pasta is easy to make, quick to cook and—most importantly—a delicious choice for dinner!

Do you ever come across a product you just instantly fall in love with? I’ve been testing Vitamin C serums lately and came across this solution by The Ordinary. I became instantly addicted and have been blown away by the low price and concentration percentage of the solution. This is by far one of the best and least expensive Vitamin C products out there.

I’ve been really into the works of Simone de Beauvoir these days and decided to pick up Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter a few weeks back. This book is one of her most famous, but what I didn't know when I started reading—and have since discovered—is that it’s the first a series of books. There are three more volumes after this one, making for a series of four total. I'm just getting into the second and it's already amazing. It plugs me into those years in the Parisian life. Throughout the series she travels France and other parts of Europe to meet incredible (and famous!) people and talk about events and times that are now a part of history, giving accounts of everything from early Franco times to WW2 from her perspective. Do yourself a favor and dive into this series sometime—it’s just so good.

Speaking of great books, my friend Aleksandra Zee just released her first book entitled The Way of the Woodshop: Creating, Designing & Decorating with Wood. At the very beginning of my first business I had a blog where I interviewed talented undiscovered people like Alekzandra, Isobel from Bryr Clogs and Nikki from First Rite. It’s always fun to see someone I’ve been connected to for so long do such incredible things with their talents, and I’m excited for people to read about her work!

I recently discovered a local French woman owns a restaurant named Cafe Jacqueline in North Beach, San Francisco. Cafe Jacqueline the only restaurant in the U.S. dedicated to the art of the soufflé. It's very hard to get a reservation, so good luck! I was fortunate enough to be able to get one recently and discovered this video describing their process and philosophy—I highly recommend watching if you want to see what the restaurant is all about—or just for the pleasure of listening to their beautiful story.

I have a eight year old boy and I love watching 80s and 90s kids’ movies with him. Sometimes when we put on a movie for him I just can’t resist watching them with him, and this week we discovered this one that he loved and that is really cute. 

California has been stricken with intense, recurrent fires during the last three years.  the aftermath is always devastating and many families have been evacuated around the Bay Area. A few people I know and other artisans and artists living in the Bay have been living without power for 3 days... The air is not at its best and some friends have decided to acquire air purifiers for their homes. Last year my family was stuck in our home without one because every shop was out of stock by the time we arrived—it was crazy. There was just no way to get one from the shops around or to place an order online. Anyway, we’ve got one now and we like it. It's not too ugly and it works—and really, what more can you ask of your air purifier?

I’ve been really into the work of Inès Longevial lately. Something about her style just captivates me and I love what she’s doing with her painted works. She recently was featured in an exhibition at the Chandran gallery and continues to create inspiring pieces of work—including a beautiful video feature she recently created with talented French dancer Leo Walk. Check it out!
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