Happy reading 3.18.18

Happy reading 3.18.18


tie dye pillows from Happy French Gang made in San Francisco California

Hello again!


Once again I find myself pleasantly surprised by the many wonderful ideas on the web. There’s so much inspiration out there and so many people innovating in new and creative ways.


Some of my inspirations this week include:


- Kimberly Mohns Roberts’ candid reflections on parenting and self-love is as informative as it is moving.

- If you’re looking for ideas to steal, this post outlines some interesting ideas for getting creative with pillow decoration!

- Interior styling and decorating is a big part of what I do, so articles like this one are always a nice reminder of how the details can really make the difference. Speaking of the small details.

- Gratitude is an important part of life, and this article about the “gratitude jar” was a nice reminder that acknowledging what we are grateful for can be a powerful tool for our happiness.

- It’s always interesting when I see posts that are French-inspired. Needless to say, I’m a little biased!

- I’m not totally sold on disco balls everywhere, but playing with colors and positioning of furniture can be fun!

- Simplicity is always a nice touch, and again I am pulled in by the theme of greenery.

- Sometimes our deepest trials can be our greatest teachers. Kate’s thoughts here are worth remembering as we go about our busy lives.

- We’re still in the early stages of 2018, but it’s nice to look ahead and see what trends may be coming down the line—and especially when it comes to color!



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