Happy reading 6.14.18

Happy reading 6.14.18

San Francisco has so much to offer, and with so much packed into one city it can be easy to miss out on some great opportunities! The 500 Hidden Secrets of San Francisco created by Spotted SF is a great guide for anyone wanting to experience all that the city has to offer!


This past week was the annual June West Coast Craft show! It’s always fun seeing the depth of creativity on display at this event! I am so bummed I had to canceled because of a health issue while I did all the shows since the beginning! But I hope to be there in the winter. Here is a nice selection made by Kristen Philipkoski for Forbes for this past summer show, you can always take a look to their website if you haven't got the opportunity to visit! 


Love the work that Katie Gong is doing! Super creative and incredibly elegant. And check out her Happy French Gang style!


If you haven’t heard about the Color Factory yet, you need to check it out! The San Francisco location has some truly amazing displays, while the Manhattan Color Walk—featuring colors from 265 Manhattan blocks—brings their unique display of color to New York.


Father’s day is coming up! Hello Lucky cards has recently published a couple really cute books—My Mom Is Magical and My Dad Is Awesome—to celebrate all the hard working parents out there, just in time for Father’s Day!


Real Simple has always been a favorite of mine—which is one reason why I’m super proud to have been featured here last month! I didn’t share it then so I thought I would share it now!


I was also recently honored to be featured in Design Mom, this time with a focus on my experiences balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood. Love this magazine and the opportunity I had to be a part of it!


Looking for ways to revamp your interior for summer? Look no further! Bring some summer sun into your home with one of these ideas.


Wall art can make all the difference in the way a room feels and in how everything around it appears. This article offers some nice insight into why wall art is important and how you can use it to bring the rest of a room together!


Speaking of art, this article wonderfully illustrates how beneficial it can be to engage in our own artistic pursuits. You don’t have to be a Picasso to pick up a paper, a pen or a paint brush!

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