Interview & Collaboration: Ombre Claire

Interview & Collaboration: Ombre Claire

Happy French Gang is proud to launch our collaboration with Ombre Claire! We are thrilled to be creating alongside another small business that shares our values of sustainable fashion. Aude Durou, founder and designer of Ombre Claire, shares about the journey to reach this collaboration and the meaning behind the pieces. You can view the collaboration here on our website.

Aude Durou:

I met Sandra a few years ago when I opened my Parisian boutique. She kept a blog on Parisian and American designers and came to visit our workshop.

Soon after meeting, I began to follow and admire her ethics, work, and creative universe. We decided to create a line of jewelry and clothing together after following each other's work for about 7 years. We bonded over our shared taste for traditional know-how, natural and sustainable materials, and a strong work ethic. Our graphic and colorful universes blended well together, so we decided I would draw patterns for her line of clothes and Sandra would design jewelry for our collection. We were excited for this interesting creative exchange!

This collaboration was done despite a global pandemic. With Sandra in San Francisco and me in Paris, we were both confined to our homes. Challenges continued to arise when San Francisco, along with much of California, was surrounded by wildfires. In addition, Ombre Claire’s artisans in Mali experienced two coups d'état within a few months of each other. 

In the face of these difficulties, we held onto hope through creative freedom and nature. These inspirations seeped into our process, and are embodied in each piece.

The freedom to walk nose to the wind to observe the tops of the trees. To distinguish their foliage. To feel them quiver.

The freedom of migratory birds sailing from one continent to another, bringing us news from elsewhere in their plumages. 

The freedom of water running, spinning, coming, and going. Lapping on its surface and creating glittering abstract patterns. 

This collaboration is broken down into three themes:

The first is inspired by trees and their foliage. The jewels, made with silver and bronze, seem to have flown from a branch to rest delicately on you.

The second takes its form from the surface of water. These pieces, with their round shapes and silver materials, remind us of lapping waves along a levee. The precious jewels of this line are refined and can be worn like essentials, matching all your outfits.

Finally, migratory swallows fly through blue, ocher, powdered skies of Happy French Gang jumpsuits and dresses.


These jewels and clothes are handmade in our workshops in Mali and India. We have great respect for our artisans know-how and craftsmanship.

This collaboration is a breath of fresh air and an exchange between our two brands, our worlds, our countries. A breath of freedom.

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