Interview with artist Miriam Bonera Brun

Interview with artist Miriam Bonera Brun


We are launching a new collection in collaboration with Miriam Bonera Brun based in Spain! This collection is made of hand-painted jumpsuits and we absolutely adore them! 

How it started? Another connection made via social media...! We met Miriam on Instagram and were very impressed by her creative work. We love her use of colors on textiles and her imagination has no limit.

We asked her to work her magic with a few jumpsuits and she could do whatever she wanted. When she finished the project, she sent me those cute pictures with her friends wearing the jumpsuits. They are the best! What do you think?



Where do you come from? 

I was born in Spain although half of my family is Mexican, my mother is Spanish and my father is Mexican.

Could you tell us more regarding your creative journey? 

I studied interior design in Barcelona. One day I bought a sewing machine and afterwards I thought I could build an entire world. That's how I began to dedicate myself to textures. I like to buy old fabrics and paint them. I do not throw anything away; I transform the scraps into cushions, dolls, birds or fish. I like to paint tablecloths, because I combine painting and something as important as bringing a family together around the table. A place where they will eat and talk, something necessary and human.

Painting is for me the best way to express my impressions, my memories, it's like a way to write and it's the music of my life!

How would you describe your style? 
My style…. sometimes i compare my style to jazz or any kind of improvised art.

What is something that made you happy recently? 

It made me happy recently to paint the facade of an entire building, to be able to stretch my arm and make some giant leaves! But also the jumpsuits and painting makes me happy when I’m free to paint what I feel in that moment. 

How can others find inspiration for their own creative journeys? 

I would always say, don't be afraid, express yourself as get it out! Even if you don't have "perfect" or even "basic" notions about what you love to do... DO IT! GET IT OUT . EXPRESS YOURSELF!

You can find Miriam on Instagram : @brunart.textiledesign

All the jumpsuits are available right HERE.


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