Interview with fiber Artist Diana Rudge

Interview with fiber Artist Diana Rudge

Diane is wearing our classic white jumpsuit.

Can you start by telling us about yourself, where do you come from, where you live and what's your work? 
I grew up in Toronto, ON, but shortly after highschool moved out west to the mountains in BC and now live by the ocean in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. My art focuses around weaving and working with natural materials; I create textural woven wall pieces, work with natural dyes in some of my processes and am just starting to explore more basketry weaving. I am also a knitter!

Diane is wearing our Louise Top in Camel, Louise Top Lavender, Martin Short Lavender.

How did you develop a passion for fiber arts, especially for a weaving and knitting practice? 
I was self taught. I've always been drawn to materials and textures, and in my mid 20s I just slowly started to explore this creative side in myself that I had blocked [unintentionally] when I was younger.  Once I allowed myself to go there and explore my curiosity with fibres and weaving things just started to fall into place. 

Diane is wearing our Fantine Dress in Terracotta

How living by the sea in British Columbia influence your work? 
I'm obsessed with the ocean and water. I feel so calm and peaceful when I'm in it and I try and bring some of that energy into my artwork. Art is very much meditative to me, and so is being in or near the ocean, I try to dip into the ocean, either surfing or swimming almost daily. 

Diane is wearing in the last picture our Zélia Top in Lavender

What keeps you inspired as an artist? 
My inspiration definitely ebbs and flows, but I find reflecting back on old work helps me stay inspired for future projects. It reminds me of how far I've come, what I've accomplished, what I've learned, how I've grown, and what is still to come, and I get really excited to start creating again. 

Diane is wearing our Bicolor short in Lavender

Any other projects coming up? 
Right now I'm in a big life transition so I'm currently only taking on small projects and commissions, I'm focusing more on staying grounded and am really looking forward to what will come after this transition... stay tuned! Also, mushroom foraging season is just about to start here in the PNW, which is one of my favourite times of year and so I'm hoping to create some small baskets for foraging!

Diane is wearing our Bicolor short in Mustard and Brown

How sustainability plays an important role in your work? And is it part of your everyday life as well?
I exclusively work with natural materials and dyes in my processes. I want to honor timeless traditions, the plants and animals that I use in my work, and I hope that by doing so it helps to cultivate a more sustainable process and also hope it invites my clients to reflect on why this is important. Outside of my art work, I've reflected on and shifted a lot of everyday habits into more sustainable practice; refilling, choosing plastic alternatives, bringing a to-go coffee mug with me... I actually also own a zero waste refill store [The Den // @theden.ucluelet], so I'd say sustainability touches almost every part of my life and I love engaging in conversations and inspiring others to make little everyday changes in their lives. 

Diane is wearing our Marius Pant in Indigo. It's a uni-size!


Thank you so much Diane for your time. Here is a link to her website and her Instagram @dianerudge . Most of her work is custom, so do not hesitate to reach out! And here is a link to her shop the Den // @theden.ucluelet


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