Marigold, Madder and Himalayan colors

Marigold, Madder and Himalayan colors

Hi there! 

I'm know we have released our last new jumpsuits about 3 months ago but the respond was so good that in few weeks everything was gone in small sizes (the most popular size) and then summer was on and... I never had the chance to share them here on the blog! 

So let me introduce you (if you haven't seen them before!) to the Marigold, Madder and Himalayan jumpsuits. 

marigold jumpsuit

marigold jumpsuit

marigold and madder jumpsuits


madder jumpsuit

Himalayan jumpsuitHimalayan jumpsuit

Himalayan jumpsuit

Also I do not resist to share with you a little bit of the behind the scenes pictures. Fiona is the woman who is running the cooperative I work with in India. When I visited them in December they just added new rooms to the building. One would be dedicated to the block printed but also they needed some more space for doing their own natural dye in house. At that time all the dye was done 200 kilometers away and they were not entirely satisfy of the results plus they were not sure about they environmental approach of their contractors. 

I think I met them at the right time just before they started to dye everything in house! I'm in touch regularly with Fiona via Whatsapp or Viber. It's easier and faster to correspond especially with such a jet lag. Obviously we exchange most of the time about work but sometimes we send personal pictures. Here are just a few...  

Yards and yards of madder for our future garments...

Details on cuffs and time to choose which button. It will be the black but on the back side to have it flat and with a modern touch!

Fiona sending me a pic of her camel as a good morning. A selfie of Leon and I as a hello as well. Not so exotic!

Got an Happy Holi picture. Women at work in the workshop. Look at the colors they are wearing! So beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures! Xx  - Sandra





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