New digitally printed tea towels

Happy French Gang has been all about tie dye and pastel colors since I started that brand. I love the magical process of tie-dying. But it's been a while that I wanted to explore more paths and let go my creativity to other horizons.


I had in mind, embroideries, print (event if I already screen printed bags in the past), hand painting... Well I did them all in different ways in just few months!! I was afraid to go to far, to not meet the standard that we had at Happy French Gang, to create something too different from what the brand represent and to loose some clients on the way...


It's all new so I am not so sure of the impact yet but all I can say is that I had A BLAST creating this new collections! And... it's not over, you should see more in the next few months.


Below are the first printed tea towels. 3 more colors are coming there way in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Happy French Gang printed Tea Towels Happy French Gang printed Tea Towels Happy French Gang printed Tea Towels