Happy Girl Interview Series: Marion Pernoux

Happy Girl Interview Series: Marion Pernoux

Marion Pernoux

Owner of ENSOMA, San Francisco


If you do not know Marion Pernoux from ENSOMA, a beauty and art lounge, then you should! She is a single mum with a beautiful energy and has lived in the city for about 17 years. She stumbled on one of Happy French Gang's booth at the West Coast Craft and has been a fan since then.

Her lounge is a very relaxing place in the middle of the busy SOMA and I love getting there and receive all the super positive vibes coming from that space and from Marion's hands. I'm so grateful to be able to visit her and ask her few questions.

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Tell us more about who you are and what you do.

My name is Marion, I created Ensoma beauty & art lounge, a harem of peace in the bustling 'big village' of San Francisco, to welcome people to take a breather, be lavishly pampered, in a space indulging all their senses. This life is temporary and therefore so precious! I treat my guests to decadent beauty rituals, head-to-toes, mind & body. At the core, it involves letting go of your everyday 'hats', undressing, peeling off layers of tension, nods, holds, through breathing, mindfulness, stretching, opening, quality of presence. Then a feast of fresh aromatherapy ingredients and delicious botanical blends unfolds, with a curated playlist, eye candy visuals, in a nesty, warm, enveloping treatment bed.


What do you love most about your career?

  • Crafting new beauty rituals. Caring for someone, is comparable to holding the whole universe in my hands! To lift the spirit, welcome the empirical adventure of 'sensing', and calm the cerebral activity, I mindfully select a variety of fresh skin care potions with diverse textures, scents, and active ingredients. Strategic massage pauses in between facial treatments, reiki {energy healing} all throughout, it is a wholesome journey. 
  • The forgotten art of touch and the human connection: the raw, tangible bond that expands through the touch is so subtle and powerful! It is a sacred conversation of heart beats, breathe, and energy flow. The peace and tranquility that takes place during those sacred sessions are mutually beneficial! It grounds me, as it is centering for the mind and body. You can not deliver an authentic touch unless you are truly present and have a genuine intention to service someone. It fulfills my purpose. 
  • The deep sighs and sense of 'plénitude' at the end of the session that reads on people's face is so rewarding! 
  • Put simply: my work is an act of Love.

Could you give us your favorite beauty tip?

Beauty starts from within: your diet, your state of mind, where you are in your life, your daily routine will reveal through your body and your skin. Listen within, your body is intuitive!

Some simple self-care I practice every day: a freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning on an empty belly {to rinse off your system and detox}, lots of mineral water throughout the day, wash my face immediately after exercising {to prevent breakouts}, juicing one day a week {versus one week a year}, air out my body: walk, bicycle, run, and then restore: yoga, cat naps and mindfulness. Lessons from my daughter: get lost in my thoughts, contemplate, draw, paint, dance, be more in the moment. Let go, and love myself.


What's your philosophie when it comes to decorating and how would you describe the style of your loft?

Every detail when you enter a space should be inspiring and created intentionally as a treat for the senses: from the luminosity of the space to the scent in the air, the music, the warmth, the colors, the textiles touching the skin, and so on. Ensoma features camaïeus of soft colors to evoke a dreamy, enveloping retreat:

  • the space is dressed up in the Happy French Gang Cloudy Blanket collection: dreamy baby blue large zip-pillows on the sofa, heavenly breathy white curtains, sweet rosy throw on the treatment bed, 
  • organic punctuations with epic art: paper installations, tribal hanging sculpture {all artwork by Charles Papillo}, 
  • natural accents: plants, gemstones, burning palo santo, fresh flowers 
  • inspirational literature 
  • curated music

Describe SF in 3 words.

// in constant metamorphosis // move with it // make it yours // up to you // piss and love // ever changing village //


Find more about Marion's business right here: ENSOMA

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