Feel the ocean: the blue tie-dye collection

Feel the ocean: the blue tie-dye collection

 Blue textile Happy french gang tie dyeAs a child I spent all of my time during holidays next to the sea in Brittany, walking the beach and relaxing in the sun. Every day I would step out to the edge of the sea, enjoying the ocean breeze and the sand beneath my feet. The beach is my happy place.

The beach is my happy place

It’s no surprise then that when I’m looking for inspiration, the beach is never far from my thoughts. On one particular occasion, I decided to take that inspiration  and turn it into something I could hold in my hands. The result was an elegant, beach-inspired tie-dye collection that has become a staple of our inventory. Like I said, the beach is my happy place—so why not find a way to take it with me?

tie dye collection hand dyed

The process for these pieces began with a simple fun experiment using indigo dye. I begin testing more fun pastel colors and fell in love with the results. The pastels were totally talking to me.


After designing the perfect fabric (a textured, heavy cotton with a soft, durable feel) and having it weaved in India, I set out to the studio to begin the dyeing process.


Upon finishing I had a beautiful set of blankets which were soon followed by sturdy rugs, fluffy pillows and stylish curtains. The pillows are especially soft, containing a feather down insert that gives it an amazing touch. I was extremely pleased with the results and they remain among my favorite pieces to this day. Now I can find the beach in my own home!

One of my favorite things about this collection is the different dye colors that give each piece such remarkable hues. That’s the beauty of tie-dye: it’s striking yet meditative all at once. The depth of the color shades and the subtle differences in design make it easy on the eyes, and pairing two colors together—blue and mint for example—adds a new dimension to the presentation. Some of the pieces even have a stitching border with an alternate color (orange or mint) which can add a gentle touch of extra color to complement the blue tones.

couch with tie dye pillows

If you’re looking for a calmer aesthetic, pairing the blue tones with white or neutrals gives it a calming, cozy feel.


Ultimately, it’s hard to go wrong with this type of blue palette. The combinations are endless and the end result is the same: a beautiful accent that brings with it a calming energy and unmistakably tranquil style.



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