One family, three generations

One family, three generations

I had in mind since few weeks to photograph few families wearing our jumpsuits. Why? Because I have people of a very wide range of ages buying them. I have teenagers, and also women in there 50s and 60s! But when you look at my Instagram feed it is clearly not represented. 

Marion Pernoux is my long time friend since I moved in San Francisco. She owned a practice called ENSOMA where you can get the best massage or facial in town!

I was supposed to photograph another family, but they canceled. When I called my friend Marion for advice, I realized that her mother and niece where in town one more day before leaving back for France. This was an awesome opportunity to photograph 3 generations of women. I had to do it! 

It was a delight to take their picture, everything went really fast and naturally. 

Here is a glimpse of that hour spent together...

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