The jumpsuit is back and let me tell you how!

The jumpsuit is back and let me tell you how!

jumpsuit in cream color tie dye

Since our first release, we’ve received great interest in our handmade jumpsuits. As a personal favorite of mine in the clothing department, I’ve been glad to see that others share an equal love for these comfy and stylish pieces of clothing!


My history with the jumpsuit goes back quite a ways—I’ve been wearing them myself ever since I was young. As a kid, my mom would make jumpsuits and I loved how comfortable they felt—and how cool they were!


When the thought came to me to create my own, I found a nice, heavy linen fabric with a good texture and set out to create the design. I found a seamstress in the Bay Area and a friend of my to make the pattern, and dyed the fabric myself in the studio. And just like that, the jumpsuits were created!

linen fabric for a jumper. Tie dye in cream

You never know how tie-dye is going to come out, so each has been different. I started with a small cream-colored batch—and sold out in just two hours at the West Coast Craft.


With such a high demand, I’ve looked at different fabric manufacturers for our product. I am currently establishing contact with a manufacturer in India who can make very similar fabrics on site, and have also found a cooperative just 200km from their work site that can dye the fabric with natural, plant-based dye—a win-win if it all works out! It will take some time to get everything set up, but my hope is that once we do we will have a really great, sustainable way of producing our jumpsuits on a larger scale.

jumpsuit tie dye in cream by Happy French Gang

Recently I’ve found a similar fabric here in San Francisco, and have decided to run a small batch while waiting for our collaboration with manufacturers in India to be established.

Tie dye jumpsuit in beige cream by Happy French Gang

I’m very excited to show you these new batches. The jumpsuits to me represent great versatility in style. They’re great for everyday use, for switching things up—even for things like maternity clothing. The mix of comfort and unique style is what has always endeared them to my heart, and something that I’m excited to create more of in the coming months—who knew that after all these years the jumpsuit would jump so quickly back into my life!

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