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#16 Tie-Dye Dress

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One of a kind. Made from homespun, handwoven 100% cotton. Fiber reactive dye. Light weight fabric. One size fits all. 

This tie-dye collection has been created with the only goal to reduce our waste at Happy French Gang. We sometimes have plain color pieces that have small color imperfection. We love them but it’s hard to sell them without seeing in person. That is why I decided to transform them completely and make the most colorful and happy pieces. 

Jennifer Parry Dodge is a textile artist based in Los Angeles. I follow her incredible work since almost a decade. Happy French Gang started 8 years ago with tie-dye pieces only, that is why it was natural to reach out to Jennifer to add some colors onto those pieces! Some pieces are made with natural dye only and some with fiber reactive dyes as well. 


CARE: Wash in the washing machine and tumble low or wash it by hand if you want to take extra care. Print might fade a little.


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