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#84 Hand-painted Uni-size Dress

#84 Hand-painted Uni-size Dress

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One of a kind hand-painted dress made from homespun, handwoven 100% cotton. Light weight fabric. 2 pockets in front, one behind.

This hand-painted collection has been created with the only goal to reduce our waste at Happy French Gang. We sometimes have plain color pieces that have small color imperfection. We love them but it’s hard to sell them without seeing in person. That is why I decided to transform them completely and make the most colorful and happy pieces. 

Miriam Bonera Brun is an artist based in Spain although she is half spanish and half mexican. We were impressed by Miriam's imagination and her use of colors on textiles that's why we asked her to collaborate with us!

"I studied interior design in Barcelona; and one day it occurred to me to buy a sewing machine, as a result of it I thought I could build an entire world and I began to leave the plans and dedicate myself to textures, I like to buy old fabrics and paint them, I do not throw anything away, the scraps they transform into cushions, dolls, birds or fish, I like to paint tablecloths, because I combine painting and something as important as bringing a family together, which in turn gladly cares for the table where they will eat and talk, something necessary and human." -   Miriam Bonera Brun

CARE: Well... this jumpsuit is a piece of art! Treat it like so! Wash it by hand when necessary with gentle detergent and hang it to dry. 


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