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Ecoprinted Silk Scarf - Pink

Ecoprinted Silk Scarf - Pink

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This Ecoprinted Silk Scard is a piece of art!!!

It is handpainted using ancient artisanal technique known as eco-printing - all done by hand, no machines. Living dye plants in Bali are pressed onto the luxurious silk, bundled, and then heated to transfer its colors and patterns. We enjoy this delicate process as we learn to surrender to the unpredictable but always groundbreaking results.

For dyeing this scarf we used secang barks mixes with iron water. The plants for the eco print are the following: 🍃Mimba leaf. 🌿Cotton leaf. 🍁Castor leaf. 🍂Lanang leaf. 🌱Tabebuia leaf.

All scarves come in a pouch made of the same ecoprinted fabric. It's really pretty and ideal for a gift.

Dimensions: 100x100cm, 39.5x39.5in

Care: Hand wash silk scarves in cool water with a gentle detergent. Air dry the scarf away from direct sunlight, but don't leave it out for too long or the colors may fade. You can also press the scarf between two towels to dry. Iron the scarf on low heat or the silk setting once it's dry, and place a cloth between the iron and the silk. Avoid spraying or wetting the silk while ironing, as this can cause water stains. If you're storing the scarf for a long time, put it in a breathable fabric bag instead of plastic to prevent moisture.


This scarf has been made in collaboration with Love Stories Bali. Love Stories Bali is invested in different missions. While buy these scarves or any of their products you become an inherent donor to their school mission and you support the livelihood of small artisan communities.


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